Designers in de schijnwerpers: Wrap magazine

Designer in de schijnwerpers. Omdat we het leuk vinden om af en toe iemand in het zonnetje te zetten. En omdat we trots zijn op de ontwerpers en bedrijven waarmee we samenwerken. Omdat ze zulke mooie dingen maken en ontwerpen en omdat ze ecogewijs zo lekker bezig zijn. Vandaag Wrap magazine.

Who are you and what is it that you do? 
We're Chris and Polly and we make a design and illustration magazine called WrapWrap is a large format publication that, once read, each page can be pulled out and re-used as wrapping paper.

What made you decide to do this?We wanted to make a magazine that published work by talented up-and-coming illustrators, to promote them and their talents and share what they do with people like you and me. We wanted to make the magazine different from everything else out there and didn't like the idea of it being thrown away after it had been read, so came up with the idea of it being used as wrapping paper too- READ WRAP, WRAP WRAP! 

We were working for a design company at the time we came up with the idea for Wrap. It was really difficult to create ideas for other people and, at the same time, get our own personal work 'out there' and seen by others. So we decided to do something about it and made Wrap

What is your ultimate dream for you business?
Our ultimate dream is to have Wrap distributed and selling around the world, so that more people can discover the artists we feature.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?
It's really important that we make Wrap in the most environmentally friendly way possible. One of the cool things about it being re-usable as wrapping paper is that it doesn't just get thrown in to the bin (and also get the opportunity to share work you love with others when you use it to wrap presents). We always use FSC certified or recycled paper, vegetable based inks and self distribute Wrap to make the most eco magazine we can. 

Chris en Polly maken bij ieder tijdschrift video's. Je vindt de video's van het huidige nummer, nummer 4 hier