Designer in de schijnwerpers: Tamasyn Gambell

Designer in de schijnwerpers. Omdat we het leuk vinden om af en toe iemand in het zonnetje te zetten. En omdat we trots zijn op de ontwerpers en leveranciers waarmee we samenwerken. Omdat ze zulke mooie dingen maken en ontwerpen en omdat ze ecogewijs zo lekker bezig zijn. Vandaag Tamasyn Gambell

1. Who are you and what is it that you do?

I am a printed textile designer who runs her own business making screen printed scarves, stationary and home wares. I use the most environmentally materials, processes and production methods possible.

2. what made you decide to do this?

I have very strong ideas about design and wanted to work for myself to realize my own prints and products.

3. what is your ultimate dream for your business?

This year I am doing several collaborations which will allow my prints to be applied to different products. This is really exciting as I dream of expanding my product ranges and creating timeless pieces that people all over the world can buy. I want my business to represent quality, style and something just that little bit different.

4. anything else you'd like to tell us or share with us?

Look out for the two collaborations that are happening this year.....

De notitieboekjes van Tamasyn staan in de VT Wonen van februari.